Decree on Child Protection: VIRTUS

Any volunteers working with youth or employees of the St. Henry Cluster must be VIRTUS certified. All classes must be preregistered online. See the instructions below.


To register for VIRTUS® Child Awareness Session click here.

  1. Click on “Begin the registration process”
  2. Click on “select your organization”
    1. Scroll down to “Cincinnati, OH (archdiocese); click “select”.
  3. Create a User ID & Password and continue on with your registration.
    1. DO NOT do the background check at this time. Contact the cluster office after you have attended the class. Any questions or problems contact us or call the cluster office.


Upcoming Local Classes

  • June 15 – Marion Catholic Community
  • July 15 – St. Boniface, Piqua – 6:00 p.m.


What is required after I take the class?

Monthly bulletins are posted on the first Sunday of each calendar month and will be emailed to you to read and complete the questions.