INSPIRE is a program to help you create a deeper relationship with our God by inspiration from other’s experiences.  To rekindle the fire of the Holy Spirit that we received at baptism. Bishop Schnurr invites us all to Radiate Christ in our lives, and we invite those adults who want to understand better or grow in their faith to join us. So if you’re interested in learning more or just got some questions about the faith come join us! Invite a friend or family member to join you!

INSPIRE will also serve as our Right of Christian Initiation Program (RCIA) for community members to be welcomed into our church.

We will meet in the St. Henry church basement, Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm, starting in October through May

In Life, either pain or pleasure motivate us to make our every day decisions. To either avoid pain or to gain pleasure. Our Faith works the same way, inspiration or desperation draws us to the Father. We are hoping this program will serve as your Inspiration, come join us! Past RCIA candidates are welcome too! This is a Cluster-wide program open to everyone. For more information contact Craig Buschur 419-852-4985